Public workers and unions are top prirority of government: Minister Gretta Roberts 

Minister Gretta Roberts
Minister Gretta Roberts

Minister Gretta Roberts stated that the government have initiated the services for the development of the Caribbean Centre, and comprehensive organizational review and re-classification exercise are undergoing.

Minister Roberts stated that the consultancy had begun in November 2020 is currently progressing satisfactorily. She noted that the consultancy comprises two major components, including the conduct of an organizational review of the public service and the conduct of job evaluation and re-classification exercise.

During the cabinet briefing on Thursday, Minister Gretta Roberts stated that the government of Dominica is also working on the projects that are contributing to Human Resource Management in the country.

Discussing the selection of public officers, Minister Roberts stated it would initiate after undertaking job analysis, job description writing and human resource audit training.

Approximately 35 public officers and union representatives will be trained; the training is expected to commence in the middle of the month (May 2021). 

Minister stated that the collection of data and macroeconomic analysis for the rationalization of allowances have also been completed with input from the ministry of finance.

Furthermore, she added that a robust Communication Plan has been developed, and the general public and public offices will be frequently updated on the progress of this consultancy and situational analysis is currently conducted by consultants.

Minister added that the phase 2 interviews with a wide range of stakeholders with the public sector would be undertaken during this month, starting as early as this week.

“Salary negotiation 2018 to 2021 the government’s negotiation team resumed the negotiations in the heights government’s pandemic despite regional and international pressures on employment in public and private sectors due to covid-19.” added the minister of Governance, Public Service Reform, Citizen Empowerment, Social Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs.

Minister also said that the government has always placed public unions and public service officers at priority, and the salaries of these officials have always been paid on time despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.