President of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, addresses Parliament, takes about respect for victims
President of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, addresses Parliament, takes about respect for victims

Europe: President of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, recently addressed the Parliament and shared his views on walking on the path of truth, responsibility and justice. Regarding the same, social media post was shared by the minister on March 30, 2023. SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance MEP Elena Kountoura also shared the address on her official social media handle.

“Respect for victims does not mean a hypocritical apology. Respect for victims implies respect for the truth. The government has decided to follow this tragic event on the same path it was walked for four years, against truth, responsibility, and justice,” the post noted, adding, “It also informed that the truth is primarily about respect for victims and their families. However, it is also a necessary condition for the Greek society that feels like an enemy State, a State that does not provide any security, to feel safe again. Truth is an obligation of all of us.”

The minister further informed that the easy excuse for Mitsotakis, four years now, is that he has no responsibility because “he didn’t know”. He didn’t know that outside the ICU, intubated patients die. He didn’t know that his nephew set up a Maximus paradigm to monitor half the political system. He did not know that his minister appointed Lignade. He didn’t know that his minister had left the railway wreck.

In addition to this, the post informed that Tsipras stated that nice state of affairs. The commander-in-chief knows nothing. Invoke secrecy to those called upon to reveal the truth and the unsearchable to those you call to reveal it. It’s a disgrace! Because here we are dealing with 57 human lives. With 57 reasons why and a million whys because it’s the whole of Greek society.

“If answers are not given, we will hide behind the timeless pathogeneses of a state you created, maintained, divided, and exploited. You christened its inefficiency as an executive, excellence as familial, reputation, and corruption,” he mentioned while addressing.

He concluded that, as far as it is, this is the message from society. When a government cannot protect human life, then change becomes necessary. Truth is becoming a necessity. Justice everywhere is needed. And the need becomes History with the participation, action, and vote of the people.