Premier Mark Brantley assures to develop Nevis along with environmental protection
Premier Mark Brantley assures to develop Nevis along with environmental protection || Picture Courtesy: Mark Brantley's Facebook

Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis: Premier of Nevis Island Administration (NIA) and the leader of opposition of St Kitts and Nevis – Mark Brantley, has raised his voice against the people trying to retard the advancement and development activities on the island in the name of environmental protection.

The minister took it to social media and shared a lengthy note while slamming the ‘selfish’ people. The message by Mark Brantley informed that he is witnessing an unfortunate trend in Nevis where some, for their own selfish and personal interests, try to retard development on the island in the name of environmental protection.

He further outlined, “As a government, we are passionate about protecting the environment, but we also recognize, as countries anywhere, that our people need development. Thus far, the NIA has been embroiled in at least two pieces of litigation, both couched as an environmental concern, but neither of which actually had anything to do with the natural environment.”

Premier Brantley also expressed, “In one, a wealthy property owner was against any Chinese in the neighbourhood, so a lawsuit was filed saying that an EIA for development was not properly done. In another, a wealthy landowner tried to force his neighbour to buy his land, so a lawsuit was filed that the development was inimical to the environment. None of these protagonists was Nevisian, and yet the NIA and the people of Nevis had to find money to defend these lawsuits. One development proceeded, while the other is now an eyesore.”

While citing the examples of the developed countries in the world, the Premier of Nevis stated that in developed countries, we see towering bridges, ten-lane highways, tunnels, trains, ferries, skyscrapers, underground bunkers, high-speed rail, nuclear power, hydroelectric dams, and oil drilling (even in natural reserves). The world has Las Vegas, Disney World, New York City, London and Paris. Yet many from these same countries come to Nevis and tell the government and locals that they must not build roads or expand the airport or build the beautiful park at Pinney’s because we are destroying the environment. So at home, all the modern conveniences and amenities the world has to offer to make them comfortable are enjoyed. In Nevis, they prefer Christopher Columbus to recognize the nationals if he rose from the dead and returned tomorrow. Sadly in many cases, they are actively aided and abetted by political operatives who care nothing about the Nevisian people and their development.

As Premier of Nevis, he further stated, “I will be the first in line to protect and preserve our environment. I will also be the first in line to develop our island responsibly for the benefit of the Nevisian people.” He added, “Nevis is all we have, and we must never surrender it to those with their narrow self-interests.”