Port of Spain: Six caught under the influence of alcohol while driving

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: Six people were arrested and charged for the offense of ‘Drink and Drive’ on Sunday during the traffic exercises in several policing divisions. It is to be noted that the Officers of the Highway Patrol Task Force conducted multiple traffic exercises at a roving stop and Search/ DUI exercise near the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway and Wrightson Road at Port of Spain.

The exercises were spearheaded by ASP Rampartap, Ag Sgt Ramroop and Inspector Lindsey respectively.

During the operation, they observed five people driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and their car speed was exceeded to the legally prescribed limit. The officials tried to stop the vehicle and refrain them from moving ahead in such conditions.

According to the reports, the individuals were identified under the ages of 23 and 38. The investigating officers immediately took a step and they all were apprehended and charged with the offense by the officers.

Moreover, during Barataria Highway Patrolling, the officers arrested one driver for driving while under the influence of alcohol on Saturday and has been issued 34 fixed penalty notices for various infractions.

The further investigation are currently ongoing and traffic officials urged the public to drive carefully and the authorities urged zero tolerance for the people who drink and drive.

Such trends of crimes and incidents not only proves harmful for the drunken drivers but also puts the lives of many other people at risk. Driving while unconscious can have serious consequences, such as:

  • Can reduce reaction times
  • Reduced vigilance
  • It creates difficulty in understanding what is happening around them
  • Person may fall asleep and loss of control over the vehicle

Additionally, such incidents greatly increase the chances of having an accident. The people within the country lauded the work of traffic police officers and support them for their consistent and untiring efforts regarding the security of people in the Federation.

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