Calvin Lee arrested for possession of Glock 17 Pistol in Port of Spain

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Firearm in Trinidad & Tobago: Calvin Lee, aka ‘Tyson’ and 6 Dan, was arrested in possession of a Glock 17 Pistol, loaded firearm in Port of Spain on Sunday. It is to be noted that he is believed to be an alleged gang leader and a priority offender.

Further, ranks of the Port of Spain Task Force conducted a search exercise in St Paul Street and its environs on the same day around 9 pm.

During the search, the officials received key intelligence that took them to the area where they found Lee, and they recovered a Glock 17 Pistol with an automatic selector and 11 rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition.

Noting this, Calvin was arrested immediately on the spot by the group of investigating officers.

Moreover, the police discovered that the accused is not a new name in this matter, as he maintained a relationship with multiple gangs. Due to this, he is expected to be questioned in connection with several gang-related activities in the division.

As per reports, he is believed to be a part of criminal activities such as murder, robberies, extortion and home invasions.

As soon as this news spread over social media platforms, many people took to their official FB handle to express their frustration about such crimes.

One user named Wendy Williams wrote, “These are the characters that call themselves gang leaders & have ah seta dunce followers…I find them, so I get arrested. They don’t get no bail.”

While reacting to the news, another person by the name of Steve Ram commented, “Will jus have another dan…he might be worse.”

Some people express their frustration at crimes happening on every alternate day in their country; on the other hand, some people show their disappointment with the administration.

While showing displeasure, a person named Ricky James stated, “What the police arrest him for…These officers don’t tired took dunce like the commission Earla…because that a waste of rime because before the wk dinehe back on the Paul doing the same shit…still wondering why they don’t bring back Gary an the hang man.”

Noting this, police officers are expected to take strict actions to combat crimes in the region and to regain the trust of citizens for their administration. Such stances of criminal activities risk the lives of people.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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