PM Skerrit expresses concern over situation in Ukraine

PM Skerrit expresses concern over situation in Ukraine

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Dominica: Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit has shown concern over the situation prevailing in Ukraine. He stated that the Government of Dominica had been deeply disturbed after knowing the circumstances in Ukraine.

The Prime Minister stated, “The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica is deeply disturbed and condemns the military attack by the Russian Federation against the people of Ukraine.”

He further demanded an immediate end to the aggression of the Russian Federation against the people of Ukraine. He further said that international peace and security should be maintained.

“The Commonwealth of Dominica calls for an immediate end to the aggression. These actions are contrary to the maintenance of international peace and security, as enshrined in the United Nations Charter,” PM Skerrit said.

Prime Minister further mentioned, “We call for a return to diplomatic dialogue in an effort to stop the ongoing crisis. We reaffirm our commitment to principles of respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states.”

The statement was released by the Prime Minister after Russian Federation attacked Ukraine on February 24 (Thursday).

Latest Update on Ukraine: According to the information shared by the Health Ministry of Ukraine, around 198 Ukrainian people have been died because of the attack by the Russian soldiers. While sharing the number of people wounded because of the invasion, the ministry stated that around 33 children, along with 1,115 people, have been severely injured due to this attack.

“Unfortunately, according to operative data, at the hands of the invaders, we have 198 dead, including 3 children, 1,115 wounded, including 33 children,” the post by the health minister said.

Today, on February 26 (Saturday), Russian troops have seized the south-eastern area of Ukraine’s city – Melitopol, following the cruise missile launched by Moscow on several cities, including Kyiv, the capital city.