PM Rowley to seek international assistance if oil spill issue worsens

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: Prime Minister Keith Rowley will seek international assistance if the problem of the oil spill worsens. He said that the condition is not completely under control but remains manageable, and the situation should improve with additional resources. 

PM Rowley hosted a media conference to provide an update on the response to the oil spill in Tobago. He also led a ministerial team to tour the disaster areas in the Tobago impacted by the oil spill on Sunday. 

Areas affected by oil spill. (Credits: Keith Rowley, Facebook)
Areas affected by oil spill. (Credits: Keith Rowley, Facebook)

During the conference, he expressed his commitment to handling the situation as his main priority and ensured the public that the government was trying to improve the conditions and doing all in its power. 

They are currently working on identifying the owners of the vessel and reducing the impacts of the oil. A mentioned vessel in Tobago, leaking oil in the waters, has been identified by the diver named ‘Gulfstream’. 

The vessel is recognised to be an Oil Products Tanker. The authorities are working to get rid of the situation, and efforts are being made to contain the spread of the oil.

“We also don’t know what it contains. What we do know is that it appears to be broken, having made contact here, and is leaking some kind of hydrocarbon that is fouling the water and the coastline. “That vessel could have come to us from any kind of operation, especially if the operation is illicit”, added PM Rowley. 

He further added that the team is still trying to control the spread of the oil. However, this phase will last as long as the ship is there, and until then, there is a threat from the materials on board that could harm the environment.

The leader of Trinidad and Tobago stressed the need to move from the containment phase to evacuating the vessel to prevent continued leakage into the water. The Tobago House of Assembly has not yet received the results of the samples taken earlier this week. 

“This phase will remain as long as the vessel is there and is a threat with the contents that can foul our environment. But then we would want to move from that stage to the stage of emptying the vessel”, remarked PM Rowley. 

Moreover, PM Rowley also admitted the fact that the country might seek foreign help if the situation becomes out of control.  

Additionally, the prime minister added that his government is making an effort to resolve the issue and bring the vessel to the position so it will not pose a threat at the national level.

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