PM Rowley call citizens to get vaccinated

PM Rowley calls citizen to get vaccinated
PM Rowley calls citizen to get vaccinated

The citizens should not play with their healths and get vaccinated to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Trinidad and Tobago. The authorities have been attempting to mitigate the spread of the virus on the islands. Prime Minister Keith Rowley urged the citizens to get vaccinated.

PM Rowley said that his government had acquired a million doses of various vaccines. Now they are having 800,083 doses available in hand for the population to take to prevent them from dying or getting sick due to the virus.


PM Rowley was disappointed that many knowledgeable people, including people from the religious ministry, have been spreading anti-vaccine propaganda.

PM Rowley said that now that the vaccines are available in their population, the issue now is everything else except vaccines not being available.

PM Rowley said, “One, the vaccine doesn’t meet your taste, two, the vaccine don’t meet your brand, three and I must also say, in a pandemic as Prime Minister, I claim the right to speak this way. You see these people from pulpits who telling people there are something religious and wrong with the vaccines, stop misleading the population of Trinidad and Tobago. We are all children of God, and we are all familiar with the Bible, the Gita, and the Koran and our population, its leaders have shown responsibility in asking the population to do what our health department has said to save our lives and protect our economy and everything else we have to protect, so let’s ease up on that.”

Disappointed, PM Rowley said that only 50% of the nursing staff had taken the vaccination till the present day. According to him, now vaccines are available, but people are not ready to take the vaccine shots. We only have an uptake of about 50 per cent.

PM Rowley said that all knew there were other conversations that would flow from that while noting that in the prison where the virus had every opportunity of spreading much faster than anywhere else, only 20 per cent of inmates achieved herd immunity.