PM Roosevelt Skerrit recalls sufferings of Hurricane Maria

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Roseau, Dominica: The DBS Radio Talking Point conducted an interview session with Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit on January 11, 2024. It is to be noted that he mentioned the effects of natural disasters such as Hurricane Maria.


The interview held a wide range of conversations where PM Skerrit addressed a number of matters and took questions from the media.


Dominica is a country that is hugely affected by Hurricane Maria, and many people believe that they can never recover from the losses they suffered.

Fortunately, because of the tireless efforts of the Dominican government and its commitment to investment, the country managed to recover those investments in just two years after Hurricane Maria.

“The country has been affected by several natural disasters or decimated by Hurricane Maria, and the majority of people said that we would never recover because it was twenty years. Yes, we set back to 20 years, but we are able to regain those investments in two years. Why? Because of the disciplinary government and the commitment of investment for the country”, stated PM Skerrit.

The poverty level and home ownership in the country have improved under the reign of the current ruling prime minister.

Several new communities have benefitted, and moreover, the government has invested millions of dollars, and as a result, people now have 100 per cent access to potable water.

Further, the country has experienced a natural disaster like Hurricane Maria on every alternate day, causing the water resources to be damaged or ruined. However, Dominica recuperated from its failure, mobilised its resources and fixed the water system to ensure the hundred per cent (100%) access to coverage water.

It is to be added in the remarks of the leader of Dominica, PM Skerrit that he has saved a huge amount to tackle the losses suffered by the people of the federation due to the Hurricane.

Noting this, the government of Dominica is working steadily towards its target of 5000 homes for the people who lost their houses due to the Hurricane as part of the housing revolution.

Additionally, the authorities are committed to transforming lives and securing the future of the citizens through home ownership.

Noting this, the government handed over the keys to 73 new homeowners under the Housing Recovery Project.

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