PM Roosevelt Skerrit recalls his tenure as CARICOM chairman, outlines achievements

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The Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit addressed the opening ceremony of the 46th CARICOM meeting and outlined steps for the agriculture sector. He said that the agriculture sector has experienced growth as several policies and plans have been implemented during his tenure as chairman.

PM Skerrit stated that “2023 has been a year which has etched in our memories, not just for the global challenges we faced. But for the unwavering spirit and collective action that defines CARICOM.”

While acknowledging the agricultural policy, PM Skerrit said that it has played a huge role in fostering innovation and collaboration among the farmers of the region.

He also added that these policies and guidelines have benefitted farmers to a great extent. While mentioning the benefits, he shed light on the introduction of new crops and improvement in cross-border investments and collaborations.

“It means that we remain on course to meet our 2025 food security initiative targets. With the most critical one being to reduce our food import bill and advance our food and national security,” added PM Skerrit.

The leader of CARICOM also highlighted the signing of the double taxation agreement, which has made the concept of trade investment easy within the community. With the signing of the agreement, the nation fortifies its economic resilience, resulting in the recovery of the tourism sector.

PM Skerrit also shared his views regarding one of the biggest hindrances faced by the Caribbean region “Climate Change.” While sharing his thoughts, he said that championing the Caribbean climate action plan will play a crucial role in protecting the nation from the adverse effects of climate change.

“With this upcoming hurricane season projected to be extremely active. I want us to continue emphasizing the vulnerabilities of our region and the need to operationalize the loss and fund,” mentioned Dominica’s Prime Minister.

PM Skerrit also extended gratitude to the authorities of Saudi Arabia, Abdel Bin Ahmed Al Jabir for being a part of the 46th Regular meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of CARICOM.

He added that his presence demonstrates Abdel’s commitment to promoting and enhancing the relations between Saudi Arabia and the Caribbean community.

PM Skerrit not only welcomed him but also highlighted the summit which took place in Saudi Arabia and focused heavily on investment opportunities to promote infrastructure, renewable energy, tourism, and agriculture sectors of the Caribbean nations.

PM Skerrit then passed on the baton to the President of Guyana, Dr Irfaan Ali and assured him of his continuous support and co-operation.

He stated that he has full faith that the Caribbean spirit of unity and determination will continue to guide each one of us. He also added, “Let’s walk hand in hand for the brighter future of our beloved Caribbean so that we can create a future where everyone’s voice and opinion is respected and heard.”

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