PM Ralph Gonsalves set to travel to Dubai for COP28. (Image Credits: Google Images)

PM Ralph Gonsalves heads to Dubai for COP28 on Wednesday

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PM Ralph Gonsalves will be heading to the UNFCCC COP28 in Dubai, UAE. COP28 aims towards looking at ways of pivoting to sustainable energy sources in the near future while also helping stabilize the current use of fossil fuels.

With regards to the effect that fossil fuels have had on climate change, Caribbean nations are some of the most affected by way of tropical storm and hurricane activity due to changing weather patterns. Hence, their involvement in a conversation surrounding a sustainable approach to energy production is essential.

The UAE and other oil producing countries have the chance to establish better ties with world leaders and focus on more efficient ways of meeting the energy demands of such nations.

The summit will also allow nations to coordinate their efforts towards other sources of energy which are both sustainable and better for the environment. Thus, allowing the world to transition into the future collectively, with a shared vision.

PM Ralph Gonsalves is one of the most important dignitaries from the Caribbean and will be representing the interests of St Vincent and the Grenadines and the region itself.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference will begin on November 30th and continue till December 12th, 2023.

Prime Minister Gonsalves will be present at the segment where Heads of States from around the world will be present to conduct important conversations regarding the future of the planet with the changing climate as the top priority. This particular segment will begin on the first of December and end on the 3rd of the same month.

PM Gonsalves spoke about his schedule at COP28 and explained that the summit is a great opportunity for all the nations involved, as they could bring something significant to the table through this platform.

He also expressed the profound importance of a united front at the international level, to combat climate change which is a grave threat to the Caribbean in a more immediate sense, and the world in the near future.

Caribbean leaders are likely to emphasize on the fact that climate change has a drastic effect on all nations regardless of the immediate consequences that some are already feeling.