PM Pierre meets executive officer of RSLPF to discuss increased homicides

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St Lucia: Prime Minister and Minister for National Security Philip J Pierre on Monday discussed the ways to address the rising gun violence across the nation. Prime Minister held a meeting with the executive officer of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

An emergency meeting was conducted between the prime minister and the officers of the RSLPF. It was held following four homicides, and gun violence was reported this weekend. These latest additions in the number of homicide cases have reached up to 11, in 2022.

The meeting was also attended by Attorney General Leslie Mondesir and Cabinet Secretary Benjamin Emmanuel. Reportedly, the attended suggested to prepare overdue legislation and closely reviewing the situation across the globe, allowing the police to perform duties more strictly and effectively.

Prime Minister further suggested the executive officers adopt more professionalism and proactiveness. He further asked the police task force to bring innovative strategies to their work. PM Philip J Pierre further assured that the welfare and security of the citizens would be the topmost priority and pledged that the government would provide more resources and training opportunities to the RSLPF.

“My administration will continue to provide resources and training to the RSLPF and challenged the hierarchy to use more innovative strategies, professionalism and proactiveness in their work,” said the Prime Minister.

He further stated that the government would help the police of St Lucia to address the crime situation in the country and will try to encourage the residents to resolve their respective conflicts in some other way.

He committed that the government would surely take steps towards strengthening the judicial system, prioritizing the timely prosecution of the accused.

PM Pierre concluded by expressing the “sincerest condolences” to the loved ones and well-wishers of the victims of the violence.

In accordance to the official data, over the last five years, the island country has witnessed an increase in the cases of homicide in the country. It has registered as many as 70 homicide deaths in the year 2017 and up to 74 deaths in 2021.