PM Mia Mottley voices for food, water security at Paris Peace Forum

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Mia Mottley – Prime Minister of Barbados raised her concern regarding food and water security at the Paris Peace Forum. While speaking at the forum on recently, she highlighted the need to secure water and food, especially when the world is affected by the current and emerging crises.

The 6th edition of the Paris Peace Forum event was hosted at the Palais Brongniart, an emblematic and prestigious place in the heart of Paris from 10 November to 11 November.

She emphasized that food and Water are the common realities that a person needs to
live, adding that these factors connect and tie the world together.

“One of the things that we don’t talk about is food and water security because these things are a daily battle. Human beings can’t survive without access to this
for a long period of time,” Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

Notably, she also asked the n, “It bothers me, and I want to commend President
William Ruto, to not focus on climate alone.”

During the forum, the Barbadian Prime Minister suggested building a new mechanism for funding global public goods.

She further talked about the increase of flooding in some parts of Barbados and added that it is affecting the ability to grow crops to eat.

“An ageing water system and climate threats to our aquifers create water supply issues for many,” she further added.

She said that the Government of Barbados will be working with the European Union and the International American Development Bank to improve the South Coast Sewage Treatment Plant. Notably, this will help the administration create jobs and mitigate the impacts of the
climate crisis, which will offer great protection to the marine environment.

Reportedly, this will also support protecting and increasing the existing water supply so that
their people have access to the most important resource of all, i.e., Water.

As an optimist, PM Mottley said the only thing that can ensure the security of food and Water is the peace and unity of people across the world.

This peace forum is organized to check where the countries are lacking in their efforts and what they have achieved to secure the livelihood of their people with respect to multi-lateral developments.

As there are too many conflicts across the nation, there is a need for the majority of people around the world to join together to save the planet, prevent the loss of biodiversity and save humanity.

The 6th edition of the Paris Peace Forum was attended by Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, Bahamas Prime Minister- Philip Davis and Kenya’s President- William Ruto, among others.