PM Drew expresses pleasure on being part of Buckley’s Uprising anniversary 

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St Kitts and Nevis: The Prime Minister, Terrance Drew participated in the Buckley’s Uprising anniversary event and he expressed his pleasure to be a part of it. He added that the anniversary is a tribute to the ones who lost their lives for justice.

The Prime Minister also appreciated the work done by the infrastructure minister, Konris Maynard, and said, “I want to commend the Hon. Konris G M Maynard for his commitment to the cause as parliamentary representative to construct a monument in recognition.”

He further extended gratitude to the Rastafarian community for the dedication they have shown by hosting such an event. This event aims at ensuring that the people of the country can never forget such a big day.

“We must thank the Rastafarian community for their dedication in making sure that we as a people never forget such a day by taking the lead on hosting the event,” the PM said.

The Prime Minister also shared the glimpses of the event on his social media as well. People even expressed their views for the government for taking such initiatives.

“Better with Labour,” said one of the citizens.

Looking back to the construction of the monument, the decision by the Government for the same was taken last year on January 28. The decision by the authorities for the approval of committee formation to look at the construction of Buckley’s Uprising Monument was of great significance in the country.

This initiative aims to pay tribute to those who struggled for the country’s freedom. This is especially important as the ones who have played a great role in the community are to be remembered.

Further, the Prime Minister highlighted the need for such places to be built to educate the people about the history of the country, aiming at preserving the heritage. The significant persons, generally the heroes of Buckley’s uprising, were Joseph Samuel, John Alleh and James Archibald.

George Henry
George Henry
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