PM Dahal's Visit Boosts Nepal-India Relations

PM Dahal’s visit boosts Nepal-India Relations

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New Delhi, India: Nepal’s Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal emphasized the significance of his recent four-day visit to India, stating that it has been instrumental in elevating the bilateral relationship between the two nations to unprecedented levels.

During his address at the National Assembly, Prime Minister Dahal provided an update on his recent delegation’s visit to India, which took place from May 31 to June 3. He underscored the notable advancements achieved during the trip.

“Nepal and India have a long history of close relations. My visit aimed to strengthen this relationship even further. We focused on economic matters that would benefit our nation in the long run. In terms of politics, we emphasized the importance of building mutual trust and engaging in progressive discussions to address emerging issues,” stated Dahal.

“The meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Hyderabad House in New Delhi was particularly significant. During our bilateral discussions, we prioritized topics such as trade, transportation, investments, power exchange, cross-border transmission lines, irrigation, flood control measures, agriculture, and cross-border connectivity, including railways, integrated check posts (ICPs), bridges, and dry ports. These discussions primarily revolved around infrastructural development,” the Prime Minister of Nepal explained during his address to the National Assembly on Wednesday.

Dahal also mentioned that Prime Minister Modi expressed a desire to elevate Nepal-India relations to new heights. Prime Minister Dahal emphasized that his official visit to India, spanning four days, was focused on strengthening bilateral ties.

PM of Nepal affirmed that significant progress was made in various areas, including trade, transit, irrigation, agriculture, cross-border petroleum pipeline construction, integrated check posts, and infrastructure development. He informed the Parliament that seven documents were signed and exchanged between Nepal and India during his recent visit to India.

PM Dahal highlighted that Nepal’s transit access has been secured through India’s domestic waterways. He emphasized that his visit to India has played a significant role in enhancing the multi-dimensional nature of Nepal-India relations and further strengthening them.

PM Dahal mentioned that discussions were held to address flood and inundation issues in the border areas between Nepal and India. He also mentioned talks about constructing a concrete bridge at Jhulaghat with India’s support and providing grants to the GP Koirala Institute of Health Science.