PAHO encourages public for better mental health

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Caribbean: PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) encourages people to focus on their mental health conditions. To help them do the same they have shared the ways for self-care and created #DoYourShare in connection with it.

In the shared tips, the organization mentioned that one should find a trusted friend with whom one can share anything and everything openly. Such an activity will work as a therapy to treat the mind and soul. It can also help lower the burdens one carries within.

Moreover, another way added to the list is avoiding conflict points as these can add chaos in mind which further can disturb the mental health. And, avoiding these may lead towards prioritizing mental peace.

Along with it, prioritizing healthy eating, sleeping, and exercising habits can also provide strength in dealing with it. As, the healthy diet leads towards better health conditions both mentally and emotionally as well.

Further, being in active social connections can foster positive energy as well, and will help in making people stay away from all the negativity. This will provide an aid in being in the connection with the outer world, which can divert the minds in an appropriate way.

“The more we talk about mental health, the closer we get to reducing stigma and discrimination,” mentioned the PAHO Caribbean.

The organization provided this statement, which clearly states that talking to others can help in reducing the burden. 

Probing ahead and focusing on better mental conditions by avoiding all the negative aspects, be it conflicts, normal arguments and others, can also help in controlling anxiety issues. The organization also added that “You are not alone in it. Let’s talk about mental health and work towards a healthy future.

By creating #DoYourShare, the organization has given the message to the people that one should be kind to oneself and support mental health and well being.

George Henry
George Henry
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