Prime Minister Mark Phillips took a stand against the opposition's call for sanctions. (Image Credits: Google Images)

Opposition’s call for US sanctions on Govt. rejected by PM of Guyana

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The Prime Minister of Guyana has taken a stand against attempts by ‘A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC)’ to have US sanctions placed on the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), which forms the incumbent government.

The APNU+AFC have made claims that the incumbent government’s administration is a corrupt one that also discriminates against citizens of Afro-Guyanese descent.

This has caused quite a ruckus in Guyana’s halls of power and pitted the government and the opposition vehemently against each other.

Prime Minster Mark Phillips has responded by attacking the intentions of opposition leaders. In his opinion, the opposition is acting in an “unpatriotic” manner, by launching a smear campaign which undermines government policies in favour of the citizens of Guyana.

By doing so, not only are they going against the government but also attacking the very fabric of what Guyana is as a nation. This also goes against the citizens of the nation and their interests, according to the Prime Minister.

This criticism was brought on following a motion approved by APNU+AFC supporters seeking sanctions from the US Congress against Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali and his cabinet. The motion was introduced and approved at a Diaspora Conference in Washington, DC. That in itself is a bad look for Guyana as its internal political conflict has been put on display for the world to see.

Prime Minister Phillips also stated that the APNU+AFC’s stance and subsequent agenda is a “smear campaign aimed at poisoning the well of public discourse both locally and internationally.”

The government reiterated the fact that since taking office, it has introduced and upheld the “One Guyana” policy which is meant to uphold the government’s values of inclusion, engagement, and consultation at all levels of society.

“Contrary to the petition’s claims, the Government has consistently reached out to local democratic institutions representing people of African descent. The ‘One Guyana’ policy stands as a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and harmony among all ethnic groups in Guyana. It is worth noting that invitations for dialogue and cooperation have been extended to the Opposition on numerous occasions, invitations which they have chosen to decline,” Phillips said.

This issue has now become a highly publicized topic on an international level. For a neutral observer, it is hard to understand which side is being righteous here, but there have been serious questions raised about the opposition’s approach of airing the nation’s dirty laundry at the United State’s doorstep.

To many keen observers, this tactic is more of a political maneuver than a necessity for the benefit of the nation and its people.

One can not definitively say whether that perception is entirely correct or not, yet, the opposition party of a nation seeking sanctions against its own nation and government is seen as an unprecedented move in most parts of the world.