Ongoing construction on runway at Dominica International Airport to benefit travel and mobility in region: PM Skerrit

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Roseau, Dominica: The construction has commenced on the main runway at Dominica International Airport, said Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit in a press conference. He said that the track will greatly benefit the travel and mobility of the country. 

Sharing an update on the international airport project, Prime Minister Skerrit said that the work on the international airport has progressed rapidly in recent months. And the project has now reached the stage where the focus is on its way. 

“We are now getting to the stage where you will start to see a focus on the runway as work begins on the primary runway which will be used for both take-off and landing,” mentioned PM Roosevelt Skerrit. 

Further, he extended that the arrival of construction equipment earlier this year accelerated the project’s mobilization efforts. Since then, the clearing and road development of an area of ​​500 hectares has been completed and the preparations for various oil drain locations are also done.

Considerably, he highlighted that about 99% of the mobilization has progressed with the completion of apartments, offices, workshops, warehouses, facilities and a concrete plant. Additionally, currently the work is being done on asphalt mix and crushers.

Probing ahead, while Speaking about the geotechnical works, PM Skerrit added that the work was started last year at the construction site and now the focus is completely on earthworks. 

Interestingly, more than 60 percent of the planned 600 boreholes have been completed. 

Shifting the focus to waterways, Prime Minister Skerrit said that up to five large culverts will be installed to ensure the safe management of the waterways which is the key component of the platform department.

Regarding the designing of the terminal, he stated that the requests for major design updates have been made. Significantly, these updates are in response to feedback received from the review with the International Air Transport Association and American Airlines. 

Further, he casted light that the most significant changes the country is proposing are related to increased capacity and platform parking flexibility. Also, the changes were made within the terminal to escalate the capacity of gate sitting areas in the departure lounge.

Such a change aims at improving the experience of all the arriving and departing passengers. 

Importantly, he confirmed that the Government of Dominica is constantly meeting with the major airlines and keeping them updated on the progress of the project as well as the development of the Douglas Charles Airport. 

He also casted light on the recent discussion held by the government with executives from air cargo providers. The meeting with executives Amerijiet and Global X was held with an objective of reviewing cargo handling prospects as well as for exploring the potential of the coming Dauglas Charles Expansion.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit expressed his happiness over the progress, saying that the progress of the construction works of the project is quite satisfactory. Even marked the project as the potential work to boost and support the economy of the country.

“The international airport is one of many important projects in Dominica that has the potential to transform and support the economy of our country,” said the PM.

George Henry
George Henry
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