No lockdown for Dominicans & mandate vaccination for public sector employees: PM Skerrit

Dominican government is not having any plans to impose a lockdown.

Roseau, Dominica: During the recent episode of Annou Pale, Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit underscored the several ongoing projects initiated by the Dominican government. Two journalists, News Editor of DBS Curtis Matthew and the Programme Director at Kairi FM Steve Vidal were invited by PM Skerrit to have discussions on the current situation of the COVID-19 outbreak and several other projects laid out by the Dominican government.

On being asked by Curtis Matthew, the current situation of the COVID-19 in the country, PM Skerrit replied, the government is managing the COVID-19 outbreak with a tier system, more people are coming to the healthcare centres for getting themselves tested. He further noted the situation of the COVID is under control.

Replying to the same question, PM Skerrit urged the general public to follow the COVID19 protocols and measures and encourage others as well, adding Dominican government is not having any plans to impose a lockdown.

Steve Vidal further asked PM Skerrit about the island’s present situation economically amid COVID, to which the prime minister stated that managing the economy during such difficult times of the pandemic, as well as saving the lives of the people, is a bit difficult task, but the Dominican government is doing its best and so far has been successful in it.

In terms of making vaccine mandate for the public servants, PM Skerrit highlighted that the Dominican government, for the time, is not planning to impose such policy. With this, he added, the island was first among the developing nations who administered COVID-19 vaccines for the public, outlining that Dominica is having sufficient stock of the COVID vaccines.

PM Skerrit cited, “We want to get back to carnivals, play football, attend events, do parties, how it will be achieved if one is not ready to get themselves inoculated“. However, he further asserted that for several events such as sports and carnival, the government is having discussions on the matter and planning to draft protocols and measures.

Concluding his statements, PM Skerrit asked the general public to wear masks, avoid mass gatherings, follow the COVID measures and protocols, sanitize them and maintain a physical distance to ensure the safety of themselves and their family.