NIPA announces investment opportunities for development of light manufacturing industry

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Nevis: Nevis, a small island rich in terms of beauty, is on its way to development. The country is poised to become the hub for light manufacturing. The Nevis Investment Promotion Agency(NIPA) has announced the rapid development and investment opportunities in the light manufacturing industry.

One of the local investors, Donald Henderickson, who is the owner of Island Moldings, is skilled and has all the required tools and equipment. Such a material is required to manufacture windows, doors, cabinets, furniture and kitchen assembling. He is so skilled that he can do all the work in a day.

The Nevis Investment Promotion Agency also mentioned why one should invest in the light manufacturing industry. He added that Nevis offers a strategic location with easy access to global markets and a skilled, dedicated workforce.

Supportive government policies and incentives for investors offer an additional advantage. Moreover, sustainable and eco-friendly practices, proven track record of successful investment opportunities bring even more surety for the success of the manufacturing industry in Nevis.

Such factors assist in shaping the future of the Manufacturing Industry in the Nevis. The Nevis Investment Promotion Agency(NIPA) seeks to explore, attract and promote investment opportunities that will stimulate economic growth and contribute positively to Nevis’ long term development. 

The agency seeks to create an investor-friendly zone. It fosters connections to Government officials and local business partners. The local service providers registered with the government can also be reached through the agency.

The lawyers, registered agents, realtors, architects, developers, project managers, surveyors and many others included in this work can be approached for the smooth working for the establishment of the manufacturing industry.

There is a digital platform as well, which is a simple, practical and time-saving tool that enables investors to check incentives and calculate project costs. Such a platform will change the ways through which business in the Caribbean is done.

George Henry
George Henry
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