New International Airport ready for inauguration in coming days: PM Gaston Browne. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

New International Airport ready for inauguration in coming days: PM Gaston Browne

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Antigua and Barbuda: Gaston Browne, the Prime Minister disclosed about the inauguration of the international airport in Barbuda within two or three weeks. It is being expected to boost the tourism sector of the island nation to greater heights.

While unveiling the details, PM Browne stated that the airport has been a controversial development of the twin island nation. He shed light on the controversies related to the airport and stated that two Barbudans, John Mussington and Jackyln Frank appealed to the Privy Council to decide if they had enough legal standing to pursue a judicial review case against the administration.

However, he remarked that the inauguration of the airport is expected to enhance the island’s accessibility and will open doors to several opportunities for the local market. He stated that it would open doors to several opportunities for the local businessman to sell and promote their locally produced goods and services, generating huge amount of revenue for the nation.

All these details were shared by the leader of the nation during his Saturday’s edition of Browne and Brown Show on Pointe FM. During the show, he also mentioned about the Air Operator’s Certificate received by Antigua-based airline, LIAT 2020. He added that it is a crucial step which enables the aircraft to commence scheduled passenger flights.

While sharing the benefits of receiving the certification, PM Browne asserted that it marks a huge milestone for LIAT 2020 which allows the island nation to enhance air connectivity within the region. He further noted that the certification emphasises that the airline meets all the safety and regulatory standards which are necessary for commercial operations.

The re-establishment of LIAT 2020 and the inauguration of the airport outlines the unwavering commitment and dedication of the administration towards improving regional transportation infrastructure and economic resilience.

The leader of the nation focused on the significance of these advancements in promoting growth and connectivity within the Caribbean. He added that it would not only enhance the travel options for the visitors but will also ensure that all the traveller have their memorable and comfortable visit.

PM Browne also added that it would also promote the rich cultural heritage of the nation as it is a great opportunity for all the visitor to explore the vibrant and beautiful hotspots of the destination.