New e-commerce platform- PayServ launches in Antigua
New e-commerce platform- PayServ launches in Antigua
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Antigua and Barbuda: Technological advancements in the Caribbean have been further enhanced with the launch of the innovative platform PayServ.

Conceptualized and developed by Pivot, the mobile platform bridges the gap between service providers and customers with access to dozens of industries and facilities.

PayServ – as its name suggests – is a mobile application that offers free marketing and other exposure to suppliers and allows service seekers to easily connect their desires to those providing the services.

Antigua and Barbuda will serve as the launching pad for the new platform, which is set to expand in neighbouring territories, offering services that range from the movement of people to goods and more.

The app stands as an economic platform that allows for ease in transactions whereby customers and suppliers can exchange revenue for services within the app itself.

The “PayServ wallet” has been amply referred to as Caribbean Apple Pay which allows users from both ends to send and receive money and – wherever necessary – cash out said revenue. Both end users can credit their virtual wallets using any traditional visa or master card.

“The authority has been working on the platform for quite some time. And we are finally at a place where we feel ready to release it and bridge that gap between goods and services. We have learnt a lot over the years, and happily, we can now present this to the public free of charge,” said Sherwin Jupiter, app developer and principal at Pivot.

Jupiter – who is also the architect behind the PayCab and PayMeal mobile apps – is revered for innovations in the technological arena, having also developed mobile applications for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and provided web and other digital platforms for scores of other organizations within and outside of the Caribbean.

“This is so far one of my favourite projects. Because we developed it for us as Caribbean people, it is first-world technology at our fingertips,” he said.

As a young entrepreneur himself, Jupiter believes strongly in networking and bridging the gap between supplier and customer without the red tape and – most importantly – the cost.

And with the support of the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Gaston Browne, he feels even more confident in the growth and potential of the platform.

As it stands, PayServ offers services in food orders and delivery, spa and other beauty services, mechanical services, carwash, plumbing, barbering, tour and taxi operations, and much more.

There are two platforms available, one that caters to service providers and another that caters directly to consumers, allowing for appropriately different experiences.

Customers have the advantage of not only using a service but also rating and/or recommending these services to other users.