Nevis to host Agri-Expo 2024, registrations open

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St Kitts and Nevis: Agri-Expo 2024 Booths are to be set in the country aiming at the promotion of sustainable agriculture for a resilient future. For the same, registrations are open and they will close on March 8, 2024 (Friday).

For the registration, one who wants to be a part of Agri-Expo 2024 Booths can register by giving a call on 469-5521, and for this the extension is 6511. Also, there is another way that is, by visiting the office at prospect.

Also, there is a fee included, which is different for various of the items. The details of this are as follows:

  • $300 for food
  • $175 for Ornamentals
  • $175 for cosmetics
  • $150 for craft

Moreover, the Agri-Expo 2024 will take place on March 21 and 22, 2024 (Thursday and Friday) at ETW Park, Charlestown.

An announcement to this event has been made by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nevis.

Such an event in the nation will provide an opportunity to all the participants as Agri Expo is a public event. This will be featuring the exhibitions by various of the suppliers, who will be showcasing their items.

Such an opportunity will provide support in extending the networks and connections which can give fruitful results in future. 

Last year in 2023, the Agri-Expo was held in March under the theme, “Together for food Sovereignty; Agri Expo 2023.” And, the idea behind this theme was food security in which many of the farmers showed their participation with great enthusiasm.

The idea behind the theme even reflected that people have the right to nutritious and culturally adapted foods. These should also be grown in ecologically safe conditions to ensure food sovereignty.

Also, last year’s event included booths as well as live entertainment by various bands. On both days, three bands performed. 

George Henry
George Henry
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