Nevis: Robomindset Summer Camp attracts innovation-driven students, SKNRA chairman shares poem

Nevis: Robomindset Summer Camp attracts innovation-driven students, SKNRA chairman shares poem

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Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis: The Chairman of St Kitts and Nevis Robotics Association (SKNRA), Dr Ricardo Neil, shared poetry and praised the Robomindset Summer Camp.

The poem has been titled ‘The Heights We Reach: A Journey of Dedication and Dreams’, and it reads as follows:

“In the realm of innovation, where dreams take flight,
The Robomindset Summer Camp ignites a beacon of light.
For greatness is not achieved through fleeting might,
But through toiling upward, while others sleep tight.
In the darkness of night, our young minds ignite,
With determination and passion, our futures excite us.
With each line of code and each robot in sight,
We ascend to the heights, reaching new heights.
Inspired by Longfellow’s words, we dare to aspire,
To push boundaries, go higher and higher.
Through learning and teamwork, we never tire,
For we are the architects of our own desire.
So let us celebrate this journey, bold and grand,
Where young pioneers rise hand in hand.
To the SKNRA, leaders of vision and demand,
We salute your dedication across this land.
With robotics and coding, we sculpt our fate,
Unlocking new realms where innovation awaits.
The Robomindset Summer Camp, our cherished state,
Where dreams take shape and greatness elates.
Together we soar in this transformative flight,
On the wings of hard work, we’ll reach new heights.
For the future belongs to those who ignite,
Their passions, their dreams, in the depths of the night.”

The Robomindset Summer Camp in Nevis has been captivating young minds from July 3 to July 28, 2023. The St Kitts and Nevis Robotics Association has felt delighted to share that the camp has been met with resounding success, drawing heartfelt appreciation and admiration from both parents and organisers.

As per the update shared by the Association, the camp has become a thriving platform for young innovators to explore cutting-edge concepts, tackle problem-solving challenges, and embrace the power of teamwork. With each passing day, campers’ confidence soars and their skills sharpen, surpassing all expectations. This resounding success truly showcases the transformative power of hands-on education.