Montserrat: Department of Community, Youth & Sports Services introduces appointed CYA

Montserrat: Department of Community, Youth & Sports Services introduces appointed CYA

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Montserrat: The Department of Community, Youth & Sports Services authority has taken this time to introduce newly appointed male CARICOM Youth Ambassador (CYA).

28-year-old Oswen Carty describes himself as a self-motivated, easy-going individual who is passionate about renewable energy and geology. After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology at Kingston University – London, Oswen returned home to contribute to Montserrat’s development, which he has always been enthusiastic about. He is currently employed as an Energy Officer within the Ministry of Communications, Works, Labour and Energy, Government of Montserrat.

Outside of expanding his knowledge in his fields of interest, Oswen keeps the Rotary International motto dear to his heart, “Service Above Self”. He is a member of the Rotaract Club of Montserrat, where he served as Community Service Director for the Rotary Year 2021/2022. He also is a basketball enthusiast and can be found participating in the Montserrat Amateur Basketball Association’s tournaments.

When asked about what he anticipates to contribute to the program, Oswen stated, “I hope to contribute my knowledge in my specialized fields, my willingness to volunteer, my ability to work in a team and my critical thinking skills. From the programme, I expect to grow my network of young professionals around the Caribbean and further develop skills that are necessary both within the professional and social spaces.”

He further hopes to connect with young people through fun and educational means while building upon acquired skills and expanding his network during his tenure as a CYA serving Montserrat.

The DCYSS takes this time to congratulate Oswen on his appointment as Male CARICOM Youth Ambassador – Montserrat and wishes him well during his tenure.