Ministry of Agriculture starts distribution of Blanc Creole plantlets 

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Roseau, Dominica: The Ministry of Agriculture of Dominica is stepping ahead with great developmental moves. The Plant Propagation Unit of the Ministry recently has taken an initiative in which they started the weaning and hardening of Blanc Creole plantlets.

The process of weaning and hardening has been started for 15000 Plantain Blanc Creole plantlets to meet with the demands of farmers for clean and prolific plants. Such an action leads to the expansion of the sector.

Considerably, the plantlets are being prepared at the One Mile Agricultural Station. This has become possible with the assistance of the World Bank Funded Emergency Agricultural livelihoods and Climate Resilience Project. The plantlets were sourced from Vitropic, a competent company which is involved in the rapid multiplication of genetic plant materials.

The ministry has mentioned that the tissue culture will be ready in the coming months. The Division of Agriculture is working on it. The efforts and the actions which the agriculture ministry is taking for the development of the sector is remarkable.

Recently, Farmer Field School (FFS) organized weekly sessions in collaboration with WUSC (World University Service of Canada) and CARDI (Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute).

The sessions aimed at introducing new techniques and technologies for the white potato cultivation. Through the sessions, the farmers within the East Agricultural Region established their collective plots.

The information regarding every work which is done for agricultural development is shared by the Ministry of Agriculture of Dominica which states the commitment and the dedication of the authorities regarding informing the public about all the aspects going in the region.

Multiple actions which the ministry is taking as well includes the technical mission on Dasheen Value Chain in Dominica. Through this, the consultants from the FAO technical Cooperation Programme consultants will focus on the support for the development of the Dasheen crop for Domestic, Regional and international markets.

George Henry
George Henry
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