Ministry applauds Safia Hosein: First regional girl to climb Mt. Vinson

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Trinidad and Tobago: Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts Trinidad & Tobago congratulated Miss Safia Hosein as she made a remarkable accomplishment by reaching the top of Mt Vinson on the day of Christmas, December 25, 2023.

With this accomplishment, she became the first citizen of Trinidad and Tobago to reach the highest mountain on the continent of Antarctica, Mount Vinson. Considerably, on reaching the top of Mt Vinson, she flew the flag with the name of his city “Biche.”

“I stood on the top of Mt Vinson at 18:14 proudly flying the red, white and the black with the name of my town,” quoted Safai Hosein on her achievement.

She even mentioned her love for the city she belongs to by referring to herself as Biche Girl.

“Because it doesn’t matter where I am on the planet, I will always be a “Biche Girl.”

Such a quote mentioned by her reflects the love she has for her city. 

Also, as the ministry congratulated her through a social media post, the public congratulated her by commenting on this.

“Highest rated country girl. Go to the top of our class. Congratulations,” commented one.

“True Patriotism, Congratulations to her,” mentioned another.

Probing ahead, Captain Safia Hosein extended heartfelt thanks through his social media post and quoted, “ Thank you to every single person who has congratulated me.”

Also, she added that she is still in Antarctica and the connectivity there is limited. Also, she added that she is unable to read the messages from Facebook. However, people can reach out to her through Instagram. Also, mentioned the id as @pilotsandpassports, added that she would try to respond.

Interestingly, people reacted to this as well and extended their best wishes to her. One of the netizens mentioned, “Take it easy on the slopes while you descend, Safe Travels.” 

While others quoted “ Congratulations to you dear, that’s a great thing you accomplished and to let the world know that you are Trinibagoian is truly great, blessings to you, take care, stay warm and safe.”

George Henry
George Henry
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