Mexico govt sends back over 130 migrants to Haiti

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Haiti: Around 129 Haitian migrants were sent back to the island nation by Mexico on Wednesday by plane.

The United States has sent back thousands of Haitian migrants from a camp at the Mexican border in Del Rio, Texas, in recent days, in part through expulsions to Haiti.

The previous week, Mexico sent what it called a “voluntary return” flight to Haiti with 70 people, which also included 13 children.

Mexico’s migration institute cited in a statement that Wednesday’s flight departed from the – southern city of Tapachula near the border with Guatemala and was part of an agreement between the government of Mexico and Haiti.

While the Fray Matias de Cordova – which is a human rights group opposing the decision and expressing their concern in a tweet asserted that, “Deporting people to a nation where the government cannot guarantee water, housing, food and safety would put lives at risk.”

Past month, mass deportation took place wherein thousands the Haitian migrants were sent back to the island nation. Haitian migrants in tens of thousands camped in a Texas border town.

Haiti’s top diplomat has counted on the United Nations Security Council to assist the island country in dealing with the soaring gang violence and crime.

Haiti’s Foreign Minister – Claude Joseph, told the 15-member body on Monday that the existing UN political mission requires to turn towards strengthening security and law enforcement institutions in Haiti, which is also in the middle of political instability that has been made worse by the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in the month of July.

The island country is currently battling political instability, COVID-19 outbreak, gang violence, and various other crisis. Recently, the President of the Caribbean island – Jovenel Moise, was assassinated at his residence on 7 July 2021 that has increased the political turmoil in the nation.

The situation has been worsened by the 7.2 magnitudes of the earthquake that hit the island on 14 August 2021, leaving thousands of people homeless, destroying more than 53,000 buildings, including – schools, churches, homes and other infrastructure, killing over 2,200 people.