MEP Elena Kountoura addresses the energy crisis

MEP Elena Kountoura addresses the energy crisis

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Europe: Member of the European Parliament (MEP) – Elena Kountoura shared the update of Alexis Tsipras on the energy crisis in Europe. She also outlined that Eurobond to address the energy crisis – European sanctions on Turkey if it violates our sovereign rights.

Europe is facing a difficult winter, so effective solutions and decisions are required. First of all, Europe must decide whether to proceed with the principle of solidarity or everyone alone against the crisis and whoever endures it. Germany seems to be choosing, funded with 200 billion. Euro in order to create a tool to tackle the energy crisis in Germany, but denies similar tools for all European states or the gas price cap.

Alexis Tspiras stated that they, therefore, deem that the common European bond for financing actions in order to address the energy crisis in each Member State individually is an absolute necessity.

At the same time, Europe must decide to stop walking like a sleeper down a cliff in relation to the Ukrainian crisis. He must take diplomatic initiatives to end the Russian invasion and end the war as soon as possible. Developments cannot be determined by Putin alone with his war plans, his offensive plans, and the US with its own economic interests.

Finally, in terms of Turkey’s illegal and provocative actions, Europe, too, must decide whether to have double standards. He cannot, at the same time, rightly oppose the Russian invasion of Ukraine but take a clear position and stance on Turkey’s violation of the sovereign rights of an EU Member State country with the illegal Turkey ivy concord.

So the EU must have a clear stance regarding a sanctions framework, a sanctions package based on the 2019 framework that will be activated if Turkey violates Greece’s sovereign rights west of the 28th midday.