Mehul Choksi befooling media, government officials to delay extradition and trial to India

Mehul Choksi befooling media, government officials to delay extradition and trial to India

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Mehul Choksi, the Indian businessman and fugitive of the Indian judicial authorities, who was responsible for a fraud amounting to a staggering US 2 Billion Dollars against Punjab National Bank, a public sector bank has been making significant efforts to escape extradition from Antigua and Barbuda by creating a false narrative with the help of his ill-gotten financial resources.

Back in India, the fugitive businessman is looking to face the consequences of his fraud against the government’s resources, however, so far he has used every trick in the book to avoid this fate. To delay his extradition, he tried to bribe the government officials of Antigua and Barbuda through his ill-gotten financial resources. Additionally, some sources have also suggested that he tried to buy journalists to help him in spreading fake news and narratives through major media organizations.

Several noteworthy sources have confirmed that Mehul Choksi is known to have reached out to a mumber of media organizations and journalists to spread news in the media to create a self surving fake narrative of kidnapping to mislead the authorities of Antigua and Barbuda. He used his financial resources to entangle the authorities of the Caribbean country into his lies which would assist him in evading the law and justice back in India.

Some reports have suggested that a team of PR professionals are handling the case of Mehul Choksi and supporting him in spreading a dishonest narrative of abduction. These PR professionals have been known to exercise significant influence within the media industry. Through this influence, Choksi is able to push he false narrative to a wider audience which aids him further in avoiding the law.

His false narrative of kidnapping is not only forcing the government to spend their resources towards investigating the validity of the claims that the Indian businessman has been making, but also damages the reputation of the country’s Citizenship by Investment Programme. CBI is one of the most significant contributor to economic prosperity of the Caribbean islands. Choksi has demeaned the Programme and raised questions on the due diligence and authenticity of the CBI programme of Antigua and Barbuda.

The businessman, Choksi escaped the country in 2018. He fled to Antigua and Barbuda and applied for their citizenship. He had previously applied for their citizenship by investment programme. As per the sources the documents and resources that he provided to the government of the Caribbean nation were fake and he has been trying to hoodwink the authorities of both India and Antigua and Barbuda.

For a number of years, he has been living in the Caribbean nation presenting himself as a victim of constitutional and human rights violations. He believes that these claims will help him in delaying his extradition to India.