Man apprehended for illegal gun possession in Guyana

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The higher ranked officers of Turkeyen Police Station of Guyana arrested a Sophia man with an unlicensed semi-automatic firearm at around 00:40 hrs on Thursday. 

While on patrol duty in the North Sophia area, officials observed a man riding a bicycle with a cart attached through a cross street.

The man has been identified as Akeem Bristol, a 27-year-old vendor and a resident of North Sophia Squatting area.

As soon as the man saw the officers, he hopped off the cycle and tried to run away from the officers.

But the officers were quick and they caught that individual and apprehended him. 

Subsequently, the ranked officers searched Akeem Bristol, but they found nothing illegal from him; then, the officials conducted the search on the part of his cycle and discovered a black plastic bag.

In searching for the bag, the officials found several things, such as:

– Uzi semi-automatic machine gun

– An empty magazine 

– One Guyana identification card

– A Citizens Bank card

Both the cards were in favour of Akeem Bristol.

The authorities asked Bristol if he was the owner of the firearm license and Bristol replied no, he was not the holder of the firearm license.

Later on, the suspect was informed of his crime and cautioned in the appropriate manner; in response, he stated, “Sir, I found it in a trench on Sophia Road”.

The man was apprehended by the officers and was taken to the Alberttown Police Station. The firearm was examined by the investigators and no serial number was found on the frame.

The firearm was registered and was taken to the Ballistics section for examination purposes.

Moreover, Bristol has been placed into custody and the investigation into the matter is ongoing.

The citizens of Guyana reacted to this incident and commented their different thoughts and perceptions.

One person commented- That man was prepared. I am sure you all had nothing comparable. In light of the border issues, free Mr Bristol. He needs to do his time in the army, not in prison.

Another person commented- We need brave and strong men like this. Give him a bulletproof vest and give him back his gun.

A person commented- I do not know what more to say, but all I can say is give your man back his gun; we need people like him, so I do not know what is wrong with these police at this time.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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