Malta: Health Minister pays condolences for death of well-known family doctor Victor Thewma
Malta: Health Minister pays condolences for death of well-known family doctor Victor Thewma

Malta: The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health of Malta, Christopher Fearne, on Sunday, 3 July, gave his condolences for the demise of Dr Victor Thewma, a well-known family doctor among Birkirkara residents.

Chris Fearne posted on his official social media handle, “Yesterday we lost a rock in the medical community: a hero who worked quietly, there are no times or holidays – he is always there to serve his patients. Dr Victor Theuma is a friend and beacon of professionalism and gentleness. Always in our minds and hearts, Victor.”

Victor Theuma was a dear friend of the Health Minister of Malta, and he is moved by his sudden death at the age of 64.

Malta is a country which is located in the central Mediterranean Sea, and it is continuously moving on the path of development, particularly in the health sector.

This development is because of the effective policies by the country’s health minister, Chris Fearne, who is working hard with every passing day to boost the nation’s health sector.

Recently, Chris Fearne has ordered an inspection of the relevant laws and legislation to review whether any parts prevent doctors from providing a service that is necessary to save a life.

The move came after an American tourist, who was 16 weeks pregnant while on holiday to Malta, started to bleed profusely and was told by the doctors that the pregnancy was no longer viable. But, the health officials refused to abort the baby, following which she was transferred to Spain.

Chris Fearne assumed the office of the health ministry in April 2016 and since then has been appreciated by everyone for his work and recent developments in the sector.

Even during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the health minister, Chris Fearne, handled the situation very well and provided people with the required medical facilities.

Malta had one of the lowest positivity rates in Europe, at around 1% only in 2021, and Fearne tackled the situation very well.

Malta also has the ‘highest immunization rate’ in the European region, with almost 89.4% of its targeted population being fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fearne’s efforts toward the health sector will surely make the country reach its heights.