Looking for second citizenship? Choose best programme in the world

Looking for second citizenship? Choose best programme in the world
Looking for second citizenship? Choose best programme in the world

Roseau: Dominica has performed exceptionally well in citizenship by investment programme globally since the past 5 consecutive years in the CBI Index, a publication of Financial Times’ PWM magazine.

Out of all 14 jurisdictions of the CBI Index-2021, Dominica has again secured the 1st position for the 5th consecutive year, which automatically shows why people must go for Dominica’s CBI programme.

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Dominica has been offering citizenship under the CBI programme since the year 1995. The capital generated by the programme is further used for building resilient infrastructure.

The CBI Programme provides investment opportunities into eco-resorts from renowned hoteliers like Marriott’s impressive Anichi resort, the five-star Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski, the Hilton and many others.

Why Dominica’s CBI Programme is ranked number 1

Minimum Investment Outlay – Dominica continues to provide the most affordable and offers the lowest threshold out of all 14 jurisdictions at a minimum amount of US $100,000.

Mandatory Travel or Residence – There is no such travel or residence requirements for the applicants in Dominica, while few nations require applicants to make one trip to their new country. Some countries have the requirement that applicants have to make at least one trip to the country to complete the procedures so as to obtain a National ID Card, whereas few nations have the policy where the applicants need to take the oath of allegiance in front of a Commissioner to obtain Citizenship.

Due Diligence – Dominica commits to assure that their programme remains transparent and efficient at evaluating potential candidates for Citizenship. The island country clarifies that how CBI funds are utilized.

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Family – This measures the range to which investors can get citizenship with their immediate and extended family. Dominica permits siblings of the main applicant or spouse to be included in an application if unmarried. The nation also allows grandparents to form part of an application.

Certainty of Product – The island country has a track record of good governance for providing clarity over their CBI programme. The range of factors that measure a programme’s certainty across 5 different dimensions – longevity, popularity and renown, stability, reputation and adaptability.

Process of obtaining economic citizenship of Dominica:

Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) or Fund Option
The Government of Dominica uses the Economic Diversification Fund as the supporting capital for the private and public projects on the island. This includes the sectors like education, healthcare, sport and tourism. One applicant is expected to contribute an amount of $100,000 to EDF. According to the regulations, the fees will hike if the applicant wishes to apply the Citizenship for the additional dependents to join the individual in Dominica.

Real Estate Option
Another investment option for the applicant of the Dominica CBI programme is real estate, under which the property must be held for at least a time period of three years and be authorized by the Dominican Government with all approved real estate projects listed. This is valued at a minimum of USD $200,000. Government fees starting from $25,000 per applicant also apply.

If your application is approved in principle, the CBI’s letter will also instruct you to make your contribution payment for the Economic Diversification Fund option or complete the payment on the real estate property.

Upon receiving proof of payment, the CBIU would then issue one’s certificate of registration, which stands as evidence of Citizenship and can be used by the applicant or by their authorized agent to apply for the Dominican passport. Dominica Government doesn’t ask the applicant to reside on the island for any particular time before giving Citizenship.

The applicant can reside on the island according to his comfort before Citizenship. The person with the Citizenship of Dominica gets the benefit to visit more than 140 countries without a visa. This access has been noted as the biggest in second Citizenship.

This Citizenship also provides a plan-B to safeguard an individual’s family during hardships. Investment in the CBI programme of Dominica can benefit many families. In the coming years, CBI Programme Dominica would be opening many doors for worldwide applicants who are planning for higher education in the best schools anywhere in the world.

This Citizenship can also be passed to the future generations or the generation to come as citizenship is for life, so it also allows the possibilities for saving the future for the applicant’s coming generation.

New investment opportunities come with the option to travel far and wide with Dominican Citizenship, your business can reflect the same opportunities. With the options to invest in markets newly opened, one can grow their business & can manage their wealth too.

The housing revolution in Dominica under which many people get keys to their house. These houses are constructed by using all necessary capital generated from Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme.

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On June 8th 2021 Prime Minister of Dominica handed over ten houses during a handing over ceremony in Cochrane. The Government built climate-resilient homes for ten families under – Housing Nation Initiative.

PM Skerrit applauded the efforts of the parliament representative from Roseau Valley, Dr Irving McIntyre, for listening out to his constituents.

He stated that the housing revolution is touching every community, every constituency of Dominica, and as a government, they recognize the importance of housing.

The CBI Index is built around nine pillars designed to measure global citizenship programme features and jurisdictional desirability.

The nine pillars and score of Dominica are:-
1. Freedom of Movement – 6/10.
2. Standard of Living – 5/10.
3. Minimum Investment Outlay – 10/10.
4. Mandatory Travel or Residence – 10/10.
5. Citizenship Timeline – 9/10.
6. Ease of Processing – 10/10.
7. Due Diligence – 10/10.
8. Family -10/10.
9. Certainty of Product – 10/10.

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The nation creates history by being ranked first for the fifth consecutive time for the outstanding, exemplary, and affordable services their citizenship programme provides to applicants. There’s no doubt why Dominica is crowned as the world’s most efficient and transparent option for Economic Citizenship.