Lionel Messi says “goodbye” to FCB

Lionel Messi says
Lionel Messi says "goodbye" to FCB

Lionel Messi now no longer would be captain of the team of Barcelona. This announcement was made on Thursday afternoon. According to the rules of the La Liga, it is not possible for Barca to register Messi’s contract. Now Messi is in “shock” after the announcement.

When Lionel Messi was asked about this matter, he further said that he doesn’t want to make any further statements for the public until he gets more clarity. Further clarification is supposed to come after the press conference of president Joan Laporta on Friday. Messi is about to say “goodbye” to his fans and might be releasing the joint statement with Barca. 

After returning from his vacation to Barcelona, Messi was surprised after he got this news. When he returned, he was expected to form the 5- year deal with the Barcelona Football Club. Reports saying only minor details had to be worked through between the two parties before the agreement was made official this weekend. With this now, Lionel Messi really is not a Barça player anymore.

During the press conference, President of Barcelona’s Football Club Joan Laporta, while answering the question, blamed the old directors of the board who have been the reason for the departure of captain Lionel Messi for the club.

As the news came in the morning of regarding the Spanish club, president Laporta held a 90-minutes press conference during which he slammed the ‘disgraceful’ financial situation he had to face from predecessor Josep Maria Bartomeu, who resigned last October.

President Laporta said that he would not be blaming Captain Messi for his departure. When Barcelona supremo demanded Argentina for such a player, then they got Messi and extended their deals with him. Still, the club was not able to extend its contract and keep the club within LaLiga’s salary rules.