LGBTQ feel threatened as a gay raped after being found by Taliban

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Afghanistan: The LGBTQ community of Afghanistan is being hunted down by the Taliban after the group captured the nation after many years. The community has been hiding in the single rooms and basements for past weeks, seeking a way out.

Afghan’s LGBTQ community have expressed fear over their current situation in the nation.


While talking to a media news channel, a man narrated a horrific story of a gay man. The man told the media house that a gay man in their neighbourhood had been raped after being found by the Taliban group.

This is just a story of one LGBTQ community individual; several others are hiding with the fear that they will also be hunted by the Taliban. A 20-year-old university student is one of the hundreds of LGBTQ people in Afghanistan who are requesting advocates outside the nation to assist them in escaping the Taliban government safely.

While 2 LGBTQ activists outside of Afghanistan told a media house – Fintech Zoom, that they have a separate list, each consisting of hundreds of names of individuals who want to flee the Taliban govern nation.

One individual told the media house and cited, “The situation is getting worse every day, the fear of arrest is part of our life now, and I have such stress that I am not even able to sleep.”

The LGBTQ people in Afghanistan stated that they had heard reports of friends, partners and members of their community being attacked and raped.

If we talk about the Taliban’s perspective regarding the LGBTQ community, to date, no address has been made by the group related to the matter, and no rules and regulations have been imposed. But still, the fear and anxiousness among the community cannot be ignored.

In addition, in an interview with Germany’s Bild newspaper in the month of July, one Taliban judge cited that there are only two punishments for homosexuality that is – stoning and being crushed under the wall.

While the spokesperson for the Taliban asserted that, “When there is anything, I will keep you all updated.”

The community also has expressed that they feel abandoned and is asking for assistance to escape from the Taliban fighters before they are discovered and forced to face the new regime’s brutal laws.


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