Khonoma Village celebrates 'Thekranyi Festival', promotes cultural values
Khonoma Village celebrates 'Thekranyi Festival', promotes cultural values || Picture courtesy: google

Kohima, Nagaland: Khonoma village, renowned for its verdant landscape, recently held the “Thekranyi Festival” with a focus on “Excelling in the 21st century.”

The youth-focused festival was held at the Terhotsiese Khonoma Community Hall, around 20 kilometres from Kohima town.

According to EastMojo, the occasion was blessed by the presence of Abu Metha, the Chief Minister’s advisor. It was hosted by Salhoutuonuo Kruse, the state’s first female minister in charge of horticulture and women’s resources.

According to Kruse, the festival is a chance for young people to get together, feast, and enjoy themselves. The young participants organise into peer groups and work in agriculture all year to raise money for the festival. The young people go to their foster parents’ houses as part of the celebrations to partake in the eating.

Kruse further emphasised that for the local farmers, the festival signifies the start of paddy planting. As the special guest and speaker, Abu Metha told the crowd that the “Thekranyi” event would formally be added to the state calendar. 

In order to promote the rich culture and tradition of the Naga people, he emphasised that Nagaland is known as the land of festivals.

For the sake of preserving the traditions and customs for upcoming generations, Metha voiced his opinion that such events are essential.

Metha also recognised Khonoma village’s important accomplishments, adding that it has produced great people who have succeeded in a variety of disciplines and actively contributed to the Naga people’s desire for lasting peace in a respectable manner.

Metha emphasised the government’s emphasis on inclusive development and progress and urged everyone to cooperate and work as a team as members of Team Nagaland to promote the development of the state.

He also suggested creating the Khonoma Green Fund to strengthen the community’s economy while preserving its great biodiversity. Given the historical significance of the hamlet and its potential as a tourist destination that values the environment, Metha also urged the locals to engage in more horticultural pursuits.