Kenyan Influencer, African Tigers explains her tour to Antigua and Barbuda, "a wonderful experience". Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Kenyan Influencer, African Tigers explains her tour to Antigua and Barbuda, “a wonderful experience”

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Antigua and Barbuda: A successful and famous Kenyan Youtuber, Mercyline Masanya dubbed African Tigress lauded the exceptional offerings of Antigua and Barbuda.

She extended her deepest gratitude and admiration to the tourism authority of the twin-island nation and called her visit to Antigua and Barbuda, “a wonderful experience.”

While praising the beauty of the nation, she stated that the stunning landscapes, vibrant culture and warm hospitality of the country have left a lasting impression on her. She also mentioned her experience to the lush greenery and pristine beaches of the island nation and stated that these hotspot destinations enrich the beauty of the country.

African Tigress especially mentioned the citizens of the country and their welcoming nature which touched her heart. She stated that it is the spirit of the people of Antigua and Barbuda which enhanced their overall experience. She further noted that it was the kindness and friendliness which she experienced during her tour which made her visit filled with several beautiful memories.

The influencer also appreciated the beautiful and the rich cultural heritage of the nation which she thoroughly enjoyed throughout her visit. She stated that the commitment of the people towards preserving their heritage is something exceptional.

She stated that she learnt a lot about the vibrant and rich cultural traditions of Antigua and Barbuda from their residents by the way they preserve and respect it. She stated that it is truly inspiring that how the people are balancing their modern culture along with giving utmost respect to their traditions.

The African tigress also shared that she visited and explored several beautiful destinations of Antigua and Barbuda and made countless beautiful memories. She also extended gratitude to the administration and the citizens of the country for welcoming her with open hearts and arms.

She added that she is very grateful for the memories and the connections she has made during her stay. She also remarked that the twin island nation will always hold a special place in her heart and she is looking forward to return to Antigua and Barbuda in the future very soon.