Record breaking surge witnessed in tourism sector of Antigua and Barbuda. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Record breaking surge witnessed in tourism sector of Antigua and Barbuda

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Antigua and Barbuda: The Tourism Industry of Antigua and Barbuda is breaking several records and making significant milestones as the island nation welcomed large number of visitors to the country in May 2024. The record set by the tourism department in 2024 has overcome all the records of 2019 which was considered the best year overall in tourism pre-covid.

According to the data unveiled by the tourism sector of Antigua and Barbuda, the country has witnessed a growth of 12% in the air arrivals as compared to 2019. Along with that, the cruise arrivals witnessed a surge of 35% and a hike of 34% was seen in the yachting sector of twin-island nation. These data shed light on the crucial figures of the country which has surpassed the records of the year with best tourism figures.

The Minister of Tourism, Charles Fernandez expressed excitement on witnessing such growth in the tourism sector of the country. He stated that the credit for the arrival of the large number of visitors goes to the SIDS conference as well as World Cup Cricket hosted by the nation.

Moreover, he stated that this year’s results are the cause for happiness and celebration. However, he asserted that they should also be prepared beforehand for the hurricane season due to which they might face several challenges in the tourism sector.

Moreover, the Minister also talked about the Hurricane Beryl and expressed his condolences towards his Caribbean brothers and sisters. He especially mentioned those who is highly dependent on the earnings of the tourism and stated it is the need for them to remain vigilant. He further remarked that hotel properties and tourist attractions should be given huge attention and well prepared in order to prevent them from experiencing the devastating effects of Hurricane Beryl.

Along with that, the Minister also lauded the unwavering efforts and dedication of all tourism stakeholders in the country. He especially mentioned team members of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Tourism for their significant achievements.

Following that, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne also acknowledged the tiring efforts of the tourism authority for leading their nation towards growth and development.