JetBlue cancels flight service to Antigua & Barbuda, after suffering loss of 43.5%

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The Tourism Minister of Antigua & Barbuda, Charles Max Fernandez, has expressed his concern over the major American Airlines JetBlue cancelling the daily flights to the island, stating it as a piece of blowing news.

Giving reason for cancelling the daily flight to Antigua and Barbuda, the airline officials highlighted that in the past months, it had suffered a loss. JetBlue noted that the airlines is cancelling flights mainly to the routes, it started its flight services to lure more of the customers.

American Airlines has suffered a loss of around 43.5 % during the time period of January 6 2020, and January 4 2021, adding that around 65 % of slashed routes are to the region of Latin American and the Caribbean.

The Minister underscored majority of the destinations had been impacted by this decision of JetBlue, adding that it was not a direct step against Antigua and Barbuda.

He highlighted, “But it is not good news for air arrivals. In my view, it is all a result of what is happening with the situation of the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 outbreak”.

“It is a very contagious and there is a tremendous amount of absenteeism & I totally believe they are cutting back as they have no other staff,” the Minister highlighted.

Earlier, a week ago, Air Canada also announced the cancellation of flights to the Caribbean destination, including the other destinations. Meanwhile, good news arrived for the Caribbean island country; as a Canada-based airline, Sunwing is re-opening its flight services to Antigua and Barbuda by this Saturday.

Following the statement, the Minister cited, “One hundred and forty passengers will be on the flight. This is eventually good and exciting news to put alongside what is happening. Within the time period of another month or so, it is believed that the fourth wave of the contagious COVID-19 will have started to decline, and we are anticipating that this would allow for those who postpone their holidays to reschedule”.