Jamaican authorities discovered guns and AK 47 magazine from wanted man’s premises

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Westmoreland, Jamaica: The authorities of Jamaica held a raid at the house of a wanted man, which resulted in the discovery of two homemade guns and a magazine of AK 47 assault rifle. The operation is reported to have occurred on Wednesday at Crowder district in Grange Hill, Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Upon receiving the information, the officers immediately executed the search warrant. Following this, they raided the wanted man’s house, Ackeem Anderson, also known as ‘Dondu.’ The man was already accused of attacking with intent and possessing a prohibited weapon.

As soon as the officers reached the premises of the man, they held a search and found several illegal things from various areas of the house. They discovered an AK 47 magazine containing three live 7.62 cartridges from behind the premises. The officers also found one live 5.56 cartridge in a tree trunk and two makeshift guns from the bushes of the garden. Though they did not find the wanted man at his house, they seized all the items discovered from the place.

Moreover, the officers have promised to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter in order to arrest Ackeem Anderson for the things discovered from him.

Several residents of the community took to their social media accounts and expressed views and opinions on the matter. One person commented, “If he is wanted, then what were officers waiting for? Arrest him as soon as possible and punish him for the offense he committed.”

Another person commented the following “I am genuinely not able to understand the judicial system of the country, the wanted people are roaming freely and committing the crime. Where are authorities are where is justice.”

The residents of the community have urged the administration to take serious note of such criminal activities as it is affecting the mental peace of the citizens. They should definitely conduct such operations with a vision to reduce the increasing crime rate in the country.

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