Jamaica: Petrojam announces tweaked prices for gas, diesel

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Kingston, Jamaica: The latest ex-refinery costs from Petrojam reported an increase in gasoline prices, which will be effective from Thursday. The Gas prices will be increased by $2.59, and diesel prices are to be decreased by $2.14.

According to the report, the motorists will observe an increase in the fuel by $2.59, 90-octane. It will be sold at $183.54 per litre starting from Thursday. It is to be noted that 87-octane will be sold at the pumps for $177.26 per litre increased by $2.59.

However, the price of diesel has been reduced by $2.14. As a result, automotive diesel fuel will now be available for $179.59 per litre and ultra-low sulphur diesel will be sold for $186.05 per litre, following a notable reduction of $1.87.

The reports further revealed that Kerosene will also experience a decrease of $2.34 in its prices and people are enable to get it for $182.83 per litre.

Below are the new prices of Gas. (Credits: Jamaica Gleaner, Facebook)
Below are the new prices of Gas. (Credits: Jamaica Gleaner, Facebook)

Some of the other reductions in the gas prices are as follows,

  • Propane liquid petroleum will be available in the market for $69.27 per litre, which was initially priced up by $2.50
  • Furthermore, butane liquid petroleum will see a decrease of $3.06 and will be priced at $77.17 per litre.

Due to the reduction in diesel prices, marketing companies and retailers are allow to add their respective mark-up in these prices. However, looking at people’s comments on this news, it seems they are unhappy with this decision.

Some of such comments read as,

“That doesn’t surprise me, but y’all know it was coming, with all what happened in the world today! It’s all business, nothing but the money!”, quoted one FB user.

“Retail prices never go down in capitalism. They might bounce around a little bit but they always trend up”, commented another.

Gasoline prices in other Caribbean Nations

  • In Barbados, a gallon of gas costs US $7.33
  • Gasoline price in Belize is US $5.82
  • The Bahamas: US $4.94
  • Grenada: US $4.92
  • The Cayman Islands: US $4.90
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