Jamaica: Headless body with tied hands found from Rio Cobre

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Kingston, Jamaica: A headless body of a man has been found from the Rio Cobre, near Thompson Pen in the parish.

The dead body was found on Monday by the St Catherine North police. The reports state that the body was to be found in an advanced state of decomposition. The hands of the body were also tied.

As per the reports, a resident of that area saw the headless body and then informed the police authorities immediately. The body was subsequently recovered.

The Police officials have stated that a post-mortem will be conducted at a later date. Further, no information has been provided by the Police authorities.

Although the investigation is still going on, at the current time, it is a bit difficult to say that who was behind this all.

The police is not even having any suspect for the crime but are hopeful that post mortem will help to advance the investigation.

Crime rate in Jamaica –

Jamaica is one of the usual violent nations in the Caribbean region. In the year 2020, there were approximately 46.5 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants in the island nation, the highest homicide rate in – Latin America and the Caribbean that year. However, the homicide rate had improved compared to the year 2019, when 47.4 homicides were registered per 100,000 population.

The crime rate of the island country declined in the year 2018 after the year of 2017 and then again rose in the following year and till now is still getting high.

Some regions of Jamaica, especially cities such as – Kingston, Montego Bay, and the Spanish Town, witnesses high levels of crime & violence. Jamaica has/had one of the – ‘highest murder rates’ among the nations world for many years, according to the United Nations estimates. The Former Prime Minister P. J. Patterson described the situation as – a national challenge of unprecedented proportions.