Interruption of water supply in Babonneau due to Vandalism

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The water supply in the Babonneau has been disrupted due to acts of Vandalism. The WASCO responded to the matter and dispatched a team to reconnect the water services for the consumers. 

A crew has been dispatched to perform the necessary restoration work in the affected areas.

Water and Sewerage Company Inc (WASCO) staff worked tirelessly to improve the services and remove all harmful items from the sewerage, and they managed to resume water supply to nineteen connections by Saturday.

Initially, the company announced plans to begin repair work on a section of the raw water pipeline between the John Compton Dam and the Theobalds Water Treatment Plant in Ciceron.

The work was scheduled to begin on Friday and was expected to be completed within 48 hours of the commencement of work.  As a result, all customers supplied by Northern Networks may experience service disruptions.

The low water pressure resulted in a temporary shutdown in the Northern-wide system.

The WASCO Hill 20 system supplies water to Babonneau. Due to such conditions, the community was unaffected by the interruption in water services expected to be caused by repairs to the water station plants in Ciceron.

Further, the company advised residents to be prepared with potable water storage in advance to avoid any interruption in their daily lives. It is to be noted that persons in affected areas are eligible to receive water supply via the water trucking services provided by WASCO.

The technicians remain committed to executing the reparations on schedule and trying to resolve the supply of water challenges. WASCO thanked the public for their patience and understanding during the execution of the essential line maintenance.

The residents across the affected areas thanked WASCO and the team for supplying water tankers to help them in this critical period.

“Thanks a million to Wasco team who was in Corinth last night working tediously to give neighbour’s a filled tank of water”, quoted one.

“I really appreciate how frequently and clearly WASCO has been communicating about outages. No one likes to be left without water, but being left with no information makes it worse. Many thanks to the hard working crews and may repairs be completed without a single injury, a not even a minor one”, commented another.

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