Influential people of Barbados encourages to follow COVID-19 guidelines

Influential people of Barbados encourages to follow COVID-19 guidelines

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Barbados: Influential people of Barbados have come on the social platform to encourage citizens to follow the COVID-19 guidelines.

Mahmood Patel, Chairman, Intimate Hotels, Barbados, wrote, ” I Believe In The Science, I’ve Done My Research and I Think That This Vaccine Is the Right Thing To Do To Control This Pandemic” CovidBarbados.”

Another post stated, “Jamarr the Star encourages you to wear your mask, keep your distance and wash and sanitize your hands often. Stay Safe. Protect Yourself, Protect Your Family, Protect Your Community.”

Barbados reported 61 new positive coronavirus cases and 28 recoveries from the COVID-19 ailment.

The Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory reported 61 new positive coronavirus cases on Monday, February 22, from the 843 COVID-19 tests that were held in the medical center.

There were 28 recoveries from the COVID-19 ailment, bringing the number of active COVID-19 cases to 758.

The 61 new COVID-19 cases involved 29 men and 32 females. Five of them had already been conducted at the Harrison Point Isolation Facility underwent an assessment to determine whether their positive PCR test result showed that they were, in fact, newly positive or whether they had COVID in the past and were no longer infectious.

The other fifty-six individuals were Barbadians. Barbados has reported 2,852 confirmed cases – 1,313 ladies and 1,539 males – and 2,063 persons have redeemed. 

There have been 31 deaths from coronavirus cases. The public health laboratory has so far performed 121,964 tests.

There were 2,545 persons immunized on Monday as part of the National Vaccination Programme for COVID-19. Till now, a total of 19,089 vaccinations have been determined – 8,358 men and 10,731 women.

A resident of Barbados said, “We need to remember that in most instances, once one person in a family is positive, other members of the family will be positive, and the backlog meant delayed results hence the decision to quarantine persons awaiting results to reduce the likelihood of infecting other family members as most households have multiple generations. It could take a few weeks to obtain these numbers down. Decisions.”

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