India to stand as a loyal friend with Turkey, states NDRF
India to stand as a loyal friend with Turkey, states NDRF

New Delhi, India: As part of India’s ongoing rescue efforts in Turkey under “Operation Dost,” National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) officer Ravinder claimed, “India stands with Turkey just like a friend in need.”

The NDRF is taking part in rescue missions and working to free people who are trapped in the rubble. According to Ravinder, the police and army are cooperating on the same project. “We are receiving good support from the locals, and we want to demonstrate that India stands with Turkey much as a friend stands with a friend in crisis,” he said. “We have recovered a number of dead bodies—nearly 22 in total—and saved two lives. The rescue effort will go on,” he further stated.

Operation Dost is a very important operation, as the Turkish ambassador to India, Firat Sunel, previously stated in an interview with ANI. And because DOST is a word that denotes friends in both Turkish and Hindi, this is the operation of friendship. Additionally, this action demonstrates how India and Turkey are allies that support one another.

Videos taken on the ground reveal that Turkey’s rescue efforts are proceeding apace. Rumbles of abandoned structures are being removed by machines. At the site, NDRF officers can be seen wearing jackets bearing the “Operation Dost” emblem. Rescue operations are carried out in special vans.

Videos show ambulances on the road and completely destroyed houses. There is also a medical position with India-NDRF. The operation has been ongoing for six days, according to Gurminder, the NDRF’s commanding commander, who spoke to ANI. Yesterday, one person was saved. We’re still working to save people, even though there are fewer odds of discovering more survivors right now,” he stated.

“For the rescue missions, we are accompanied by NDRF cars, female policemen, and NDRF dogs. We receive fuel for our daily activities from Turkey’s disaster management agency. The local government is providing us with good support, he said. After 104 hours, we managed to save one individual, so there is still hope,” Gurminder remarked. According to him, the NDRF’s efforts typically last for six to nine days, or however long it takes to identify a survivor.

While the National Disaster Response Force of India earned headlines for its amazing rescue of a six-year-old child, much of the credit for the risky rescue should go to “Romeo” and “Julie,” two of the NDRF’s dog squad members.

Where technology failed, Romeo and Juliet were successful. The whereabouts of the young girl under tonnes of rubble were discovered with the help of the dog squad. The small girl would not have survived without their assistance.

At the catastrophe site in Nurdagi and in other areas of Turkey that were severely damaged by the earthquake on February 6, the NDRF is presently putting forth all of its resources in an endeavour to rescue lives and locate a living being among the debris.

Constable Kundan, the dog handler, described how Julie discovered Beren, the young girl, alive amid the debris at the Nurdagi site.

“We had a lead about a survivor trapped in the wreckage, and our government asked us to facilitate search and rescue activities here in Nurdagi. Julie was asked to enter the debris. She entered and began to bark, which was an indication that she had found a survivor imprisoned beneath,” he told ANI.

As rescue attempts go on, the number of fatalities from the earthquakes in Turkey and northwest Syria has surpassed 35,000.