India: “ISI is supporting advertisement campaign, favouring Amritpal,” says source
India: “ISI is supporting advertisement campaign, favouring Amritpal,” says source || Picture Courtesy: Facebook

New Delhi, India: Amritpal Singh, a pro-Khalistan propagator and self-styled Sikh preacher, has been running a strong propaganda through social media. According to the latest reports by CNN-News 18, the propaganda by the Khalistani separatists Amritpal Singh has getting a major social media push by the intelligence agency of Pakistan ISI through indirect routes from Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries.

The news organisation has further claimed that the official social media accounts – Facebook and Instagram are flooded with thousands of pictures of purported suppression of Indian Sikhs. The sources of News18 have claimed the advertisement were displayed in the Canada, the UK and Germany.


It has further stated that the advertisement has been designed in a way that is targeting the young Sikhs of age between 18-25 years. The sources have claimed that these ads have been targeting the people with the surname like Singh and Kaur.

CCN News-18 has also claimed that these advertisement has been running for almost a year. They directly reach the targeted viewers in terms of showing atrocities, selling garments with images of Sikh atrocities, car accessories, etc.

The news website has further stated the advertisers have been spending millions of dollars to make their advertisement campaign a success. Another fact highlighted by the CCN-News 18 website was the connection between Sikh secessionist leaders Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale with Amritpal Singh. The pro-Khalishtan leader, who is also known as Waris Punjab De founder, has been projected as Bhindrawale in talking and walking, with a pagdi on his head. CCN has also outlined that Singh can be seen posing like the militant leader who was killed in Operation Blue Star in 1984.

It is also mentioned that the comments in the post are also not organic and the Punjabi language symbolises the Punjabi spoken in Punjab of Pakistan. The comments can be seen only using VPNs with locations as Canada, Germany or the UK.