India: Drone noticed and fired in Gurdaspur district of Punjab
India: Drone noticed and fired in Gurdaspur district of Punjab

India: The Border Security Force (BSF) informed that on Sunday, Pakistani drones were spotted in Chandu Wadala village and Kassowal of Punjab, India. The force noticed the drones and fired from the personnel. This action by BSF prevented the drones from entering Indian Territory.

The drones were spotted at nearly 10:20 pm on Sunday, following which the security forces fired 26 rounds. According to the update shared by the India-based news agency company, Asian News International (ANI), in the wake of the drone sighting, the security forces conducted a search in the nearby areas.

According to the preliminary information, an unmanned flying object, which made a humming sound, was recognised to enter the Indian boundaries via the Chandu Wadala of Punjab earlier on Sunday, January 8, 2023. The sound of the object (drone) was heard at a height of around 250 metres.

The source was in the Indian Territory for just 15 seconds, after which it returned to the Pakistan side.

According to the BSF, such events are common in the region. The officials informed that earlier on December 15, over seven (7) kilograms of heroin was airdropped by drones, which was later seized by the security authorities. The Border Security Force stated that the heroin was found near the India-Pakistan border in the Punjab state of India. The BSF recovered a packet weighing 4.49 kg of heroin.

The officials stated that the unnamed aerial vehicle tried to enter the Daoke village in the Amritsar district of Punjab. A similar incident was reported by the security forces barely after two years. An aerial object was spotted near Barike village in the Fazilka district. The drone was entering India and after further research, the BSF personnel recovered a packet of narcotics weighing around 2.65 kilograms.

The BSF officials informed that later one person was apprehended following a search operation.