India: Ecotourism society of Kashmir optimistic G20 will boost sustainable tourism

India: Ecotourism society of Kashmir optimistic G20 will boost sustainable tourism

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Jammu and Kashmir, India: The G20 conference that is scheduled to take place in the valley has been welcomed by the Ecotourism Society of Kashmir (ETSK), which is a big development for the Kashmiri tourism industry. The ETSK convener, Sameer Baktoo, expressed optimism that the summit will help send a positive message around the world and provide the tourism industry with a much-needed boost.

“As it occurred after the G20 conference in Kashmir in the early 1980s, we are optimistic that the nations that had issued travel recommendations prohibiting their nationals from visiting Kashmir will remove such restrictions,” stated Sameer Baktoo.

He continued by saying that the ETSK views the G20 summit as a turning point in the growth of the tourism sector. “Our policies for the development of tourism should be based on ecotourism, and we need to have a sustainable approach towards our eco-fragile destinations,” he continued.

As a means of strengthening the area’s resistance to climate change, Sameer Baktoo emphasised the significance of promoting responsible tourism, saying that “climate change is a global challenge.” In the Kashmir region, the ETSK has been promoting ecotourism and sustainable tourism methods. According to the organisation, such actions can support the preservation of the area’s natural beauty while simultaneously presenting local residents with employment prospects.

The ETSK is hopeful that the G20 summit will contribute to increasing awareness of the area’s potential as a tourism destination because it is anticipated to garner considerable attention from around the world. The ETSK thinks that more tourism will be good for the area’s economy and the environment if it focuses on sustainable and responsible tourist practices.