India: SSP Raj Jit Singh gets rid of high profile criminal case, receives virtual clean chit

India dismisses SSP Raj Jit Singh in high profile criminal case

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Punjab, India: Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) of Moga, Punjab – Raj Jit Singh Hundal, has received a dismissal in implicated criminal cases. Many investigation agencies have dismissed the police officer and have declined his role in any illegal activity.

The Special Investigation Team has submitted three reports which have claimed that no police officer of Punjab Police was indicted. In a significant development, the SIT has mentioned that under the directives of Punjab and Haryana High Court of India, a key figure in the case – Raj Jit Singh PPS, has maintained honest policing and has had no involvement in any illegal activities in the past. It is worth mentioning that this investigation comes as a sign of thorough and unbiased investigation and has made sure that justice prevailed and the integrity of the police force has been upheld.

Reportedly, further actions will be taken by the Punjab Government under the direction of the Punjab and Haryana Court, as per the court update on March 28, 2023. Following this, Bhagwant Mann, Chief Minister of Punjab, has ordered prompt action against the culprits, underscoring the government’s commitment towards maintaining law and order in the territory.

According to the sources, a dismissal was authorised to SSP Raj Jit Singh Hundal by the High Court after a thorough investigation. The investigation has claimed that there was no participation of SSP Hundal in the dismissal of Punjab Police Inspector Inderjit Singh.

This high-profile case was handled by senior and significant members of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) on December 15, 2017. The key personnel involved in the case were then Special DGP (human rights) Sidharth Chattopadhyaya as well as the Director of the Bureau of Investigation of Punjab and the then IG ATS (Intelligence) Kunwar Vijay Partap.

Many reports have also stated that Siddharth Chattopadhyaya, Former DGP Punjab, who has been accusing SSP, is known for his involvement in many illegal activities. It is also claimed that the central government of India has also expressed its disappointment towards Chattopaghyaya after he failed to manage the mob attacking the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, during his visit to Punjab state.

According to various claims, before SIT was formed, the investigation into the matter was conducted by then STF Chief Harpreet Sidhu. SIT was established after a petition was filed by Raj Jit in Punjab and Haryana High Court. The newly formed SIT was responsible for examining and surveying the involvement of SSP Raj Jit Singh with dismissed Inspector Inderjit Singh. The claim was published in FIR No. 1 on June 12, 2017, at the special task force police station in Mohali.

Raj Jit was further assigned as the new SSP of Tarn Taran and requested especially for Inderjit to be posted as the district’s inspector while claiming that his services were required urgently in the area of Tarn Taran.

Furthermore, at the time of his Hoshiarpur transfer, Raj Jit wrote a letter to the IGP in which he recommended and praised Inderjit as a hardworking officer. Nevertheless, the final report of SIT mentions that he was also recommended by several other officers who had Inderjit posted under them over time, and the connection between such officers and Inderjit could also demand a separate investigation or inquiry.

During his tenure full of controversies in the police force, Inspector Inderjit Singh served for a brief period of 14 months under Raj Jit. Notably, he had served for much longer durations under the leadership of numerous other officers during his tenure, often exceeding the period of two years. During his service days, the association of Inspector Inderjit Singh with Raj Jit Singh was not the highlighted part of his career, as he had numerous opportunities to work and get engage with a diverse range of officers.

However, it is yet to be seen how this decision will impact the status of future cases and whether it will shape the legal justice system in an unbaised way.

It is noteworthy that police officer of Punjab, Raj Jit Singh PPS has been accused and a victim of a grave injustice who was associated with criminal activities such as drug peddling.