We are on a path to building a healthier, happier, more secure future for all, says CSG Scotland
We are on a path to building a healthier, happier, more secure future for all, says CSG Scotland

Patricia Scotland who is the sixth and first lady Secretary-General of Commonwealth, extended greetings and warm wishes on the occasion of World Environment Day, which is celebrated annually on June 5.

The purpose of celebrating this day is to raise awareness of human responsibility towards nature, to promote the sustainable development of the environment and to actively involve society in the fight for the preservation and improvement of the environment.

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland outlined the importance of the day while stating that the day is a reminder for everyone to take significant measures to protect the natural reserves of the earth.

Furthermore, Patricia Scotland captioned with a picture that the Commonwealth of Dominica covers 1/4 of the whole forest land and 1/3 of the world ocean under national jurisdiction. Nature has always been our common wealth.

She wrote that she is proud of the work on Ocean Climate Clean, Energy, and Living Lands and looks forward to furthering action at CHOGM2022.

According to Patricia Scotland, this is the high time to recognize the drastic effects of climate change and create awareness among the people to counter climate change. The necessary steps should be taken in a bid to tackle the issue of climate emergency.

Commonwealth leaders will tour Rwanda to reaffirm their shared values and agree on actions and policies to enhance the lives of all their residents. Judgments taken at CHOGM also guide the work schedule of the Commonwealth Secretariat.

The official opening of CHOGM takes place on Friday, June 24 and is followed by the central high-level meetings of Heads from Friday, 24, to Saturday, June 25. They are moved by four Forums, ministerial meetings, side events and other activities.

CHOGM was due to take place in June 2020 but was delayed twice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.